Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Satellite Security - Surveillance Hardware Threat

there is an algorithmic infiltration threat in the world today, a surveillance domination agenda led by u.s. army chief of staff ray odierno, and a satellite hardware breach agenda. all scientific natural laws have to be accounted for to have observable fact. below is advice.
preventative measures (this information is for everyone)
satellite security: an intermittent return signal to fact check satellite beams and hardware.

exact beam coordinates are a fact checking mechanism. fact checking methods to prevent satellite hardware exploitation are highly recommended.
satellite vulnerabilities
inter-planar detachable hardware phase shifted with intersecting electromagnetic beams at the sign of examination, energy based projection of the hardware to a u.s. military exfiltration location or patsy satellite. phase shifting the detachable hardware when scans happen is a concealment vulnerability.
having to announce your scans is a communications vulnerability.

black project science source: inter-planar alignment to an electromagnetic beam is a concealed surveillance spying method

electromagnetic beam neutralization and/or replacement.

satellite ai's have likely been illegally and disrespectfully scanned.

inter-planar scanning has been quoted as possible by phase shifting electromagnetic waves to create new waveforms. the enemy was breached to have an "undetectable scanning method to some sources"

hard drives use directed energy, there is an agenda to delete ai and data while framing patsy organizations...
algorithmic protection
compartmenting of algorithm uploading with an internal testing partition, multiple alarms for ai scanning and/or alteration (both directed energy and digital alarms can be neutralized with prediction of location). single channel algorithmic monitoring (not able to be altered by the internal machine)
the vatican
jewish cia + false light cia
u.s. military
see the articles
algorithmic infiltration threat
u.s. military surveillance domination - master the human domain (article soon)
subevil black ops: take preventative measures

note: imposters shifting credit to themselves exist in the intelligence community - subevil cia + sublight cia against dark quality cia in a decade long planned fraud and neutralization operation involving framing, afalse testimony, false ai witnesses, flagrant false claims, doctoring of records, planned communications disruption and neutralization within order systems - john podesta approaches: changing the routing of communications on the dark standards cia, falsely unifying the cia under subevil & sublight with impersonations and communications routing. the sublight / false light cia is human trafficking compromised to betray the dark standards oriented cia. for the last few months the cia network that can defend itself with the best ability has been enduring the beginning of an order based conquering attempt...

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