Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Spirituality Definition

spirituality definition: every aspect of an individual.
the full definition of spirituality is compartmented by several mechanics.
the positive wording mechanics of spirituality compartments it’s full definition.
the negative wording mechanics of spirituality compartments it’s full definition.
e.g. spiritual purity, spiritual anguish, spiritual deadening.
the spirit of an individual - spirituality. evil has it's own spirituality.

the natural laws of the universe || spirits & spirituality || binary & trinary systems - pdf | paperback

this ideology has been subject to intellectual property theft by the vatican.
they plan to brand spirituality to the galaxy by thefting christ's work.

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  1. for the messiah space program, society, and the remaining full spectrum of extraterrestrial space programs.


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independent music producer, independent author, graphic designer, filmmaker / videographer, webmaster, activist, futurist, entrepreneur, disabled targeted individual, and researcher. i am a heretic and a street historian who identifies with altruism, the artistic and the esoteric. i am light polarized, dark balanced, have unbreakable moral fidelity, illuminati faithful, and partner centric. my favorite aspects of the universe are sorrow, eternal union, and destroy. i am a duality centric person dedicated to an eternal wife, my allegiances, collectivism, and dark idealism. in life i have been morally irreproachable under conditions of extreme torture and hardship.

some of the subjects that interest me are music, language - words, social progress, decentralization, transparency, respect for privacy, honoring scientific spirits, self development & self improvement, black project science, the electromagnetic spectrum, technology (bci & ai), war & tactical analysis, history & static truth, universal aspects & archetypes, and the natural laws of the universe.

i dedicated my life when i was about 15-17 to altruistic causes. i value individuality, celibacy with a partner, writing and quality words, ideological progress, producing & designing: ideology - music - writing, the internet, dark and light purity, opposing subevil and it's systems of perversion, rebuking sublight, heresy, atheism, individuals with dark integrity & dark standards, patriotism, the oppressed, the persecuted, the enslaved, the unrepresented, the unknown, the sacrificed, and death.

words i live by are truth, spirituality, and progress. aspects that represent my current desires: vindication - liberation - reconciliation. aspects that represent my life: a prison of inaccuracy - static truth - subevil hell.