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The Full Spectrum Theft of Universal Aspects™

enemies of mine in the shadow government are thefting my work and falsely claiming plagiarism in addition to claiming ownership of my hard earned business, ideology, music, films, books, websites, organizations ( &, record label, stipulation system, writing format, graphic design color tastes - e.g. black and white - shades of gray - beige and darker, numerology, symbology e.g. derivations from myself calling the crucifix a truth symbol - my documented symbology was highly framed, quotations, my videography other than films

the origin of the name universal aspects involved myself being queried by masonic scientific spirits asking my favorite word at least twice (it involved a cover up process for debating), aspect was my highest neural attribution (later when asked my highest taste for a word it became a trinary: aspect - spirit - spirituality). i was conveyed their best ideology on aspects and it was the all knowing “spirit of the galaxy”, the spirit of the universe was an ideology i adapted from masonic inspiration (it was said i had to find ideology they had without help - my enemies framed help in the process). i equate the spirit of the universe to a true eye of providence. language compartments the eye of providence definition and meaning, the plurality of the proper definition and the singular word in proper linguistic usage are an incompatibility in language to what it truly means: the spirit of the universe is every spirit possible.

both universal aspects and the ideology of the spirit of the galaxy (masonic), the spirit of the universe (masonic and adapted by myself), and the spirituality aspects of this book have been subject to intellectual property theft extremes by the vatican accusing myself of plagiarizing my own work and provoking every source of power they can against myself. the most offensive premise i have ever heard is that i am vatican affiliated, all of my enemies have imposter claims of myself being part of their organizations to cover up the ideological theft of my work.
business evidence
the united states of america trademark for universal aspects (search the american trademark database), the oregon dba for universal aspects (search the database), my oregon dba for aspect black can be found in the previous database linked, my registry of the domains: (redirects to my record label), (see for universal aspects' first incarnation),, (the current home website for universal aspects multimedia),, (a redirect to my clothing company which currently has one shirt in it's reincarnation),,,, an email to reach me is my multimedia company and record label have been oppressed by identity theft, business theft attempts with body control deletion of my most pivotal website - which i later was able to rent to own from a website business. was body control deleted from one of my registrars in december, 2018 along with my record label website which currently has a new reincarnation.
ideological theft
ideological theft and false theft claims against myself and concealment through inverting and shifting blame to the victim is part of my case and within the evidence i have left in surveillance, false claims of ownership of my hard work and business to space programs and within planetary systems, i have been musically plagiarized by the u.s. military - they used forced interrogation of my next album release 28 (pronounced two-eight), this album is a reincarnation of my august 2nd, 2016 releases the underworld and futuristic utopias which were body and mind control deleted while framing myself for being weak minded (i had just updated the albums to their final edition when they were body control deleted including 2 songs that are thefted currently: the god spell & hell is a state of mind). they disrespected my favorite number due to the love connotations and eventually set up false claims within cosmic awareness about 28 numerology and perhaps @28Spirituality.

the theft of 28 numerology stems back to my favorite number being simulated a decade or earlier: it was 2 and evolved into 28 over time. the u.s. military perpetrated intellectual property theft when they learned of my duality ideology: 2 was my favorite number due to eternal union and duality. i displayed a high value for duality approximately 2008 and was developing my ideas prior, the song duality by dj shadow and dj krush with somewhat of a ghost spirit synth was heard by myself approximately 2006, i later conveyed to a v2k source reality is duality centric and the universe is a perfect construct, acceptance of the entirety of reality as a perfect creation was part of my disposition - every aspect of reality has purpose and defines the spectrums that exist. this was inspired by being targeted by energy weapons and having a taste for dark standards and distinct evil in contrast to the subevils i am subjected to.

my 20+ websites were body control deleted likely due to the consistency of my writing with the false plagiarism claims. the websites can be seen at's backup of

my work has been excessively thefted paired with weaponized false plagiarism claims aimed at neutralization.
some of my body control deleted websites (i still own
the theft of my writing format
(phillip douglas walker) developed this writing system over time and feel it would be productive to explain.

title: pages or sections are started with a title
bullet points: bullet points are just about the only thing i can stand to read and they explain truth in a high efficacy
quotes: i aggregate quotes and transcribe them from videos into internet documented text, i did this because quotes like bullet points are one of the most effective ways of conveying a point
pages: each page in my writing style can often be read individually instead of in sequence
binary & trinary systems || binary components - symbolic and aesthetic components

my writing format - which is also under heavy intellectual property theft attempts

the theft of my ideology also included the military's highest classified strategy: binary strategy - my ideology is called binary systems which they hid their name with my term similar to how john podesta and joseph ratzinger have attempted to theft my multimedia company universal aspects. they thefted binary systems and binary stipulations from myself in 2008.
music theft - record label theft
my original record label website (which has been reincarnated was body control deleted in december, 2018 with the italian illuminati and a cia network as patsies. what people do not know is that the illuminati encompasses almost the entire shadow government and there are internal betrayals transpiring from the vatican to the italian quality of the illuminati and the rothschilds (guy de rothschild's current incarnation is under threat).

my record label is free / donation and is enduring the most flagrant musical theft attempts likely in the history of the world by the u.s. military, john podesta's cia, and the vatican.
stipulation theft
these were my stipulations: unique - dark - potent - tasteful with binary and trinary systems

this was later developed by myself into being described as conceptual math-like stipulations with a limited mind taking out specific words, a military source has been disrupting my communications and speech with the entire u.s. military since this time to cover up his dishonors. my speech has been altered in the areas of mental voice, vocal chords, and text. i have unlikely allies protecting myself or i would not be able to speak.

the first binary stipulations that the ideology evolved from were: potent - subtle + potency - subtlety || balance. others were pure darkness + dark synth and surveillance during war to honor those participating (this was involved in forced speech and not verifying surveillance). i also stipulated i wanted tasteful evil which i defined when asked abusively with mental reduction: quality illusions that include dark morality. i was thinking of distinct designs with purity in evil as a reaction to the subevil sexual abuse in my life.

universal aspects has had only one person running it (myself). i am the founder, owner, and sole producer. i have never had employees and will not be hiring employees any time soon.
original name: omnisense
i originally used the name omnisense as a musician and producer, it was a mind controlled name intended at organic thought insertion (like the word schizophrenia) perpetrated by counterintelligence programs. with this name change i am being falsely claimed as thefting my own work in a model of censorship and counter-proliferation currently active against myself.
universal aspects™ founder quotations
"to put it into perspective the targeted individual holocaust is denied by most of the planet and the victims are labeled mentally ill." ~phillip walker

"what if christ looked around and saw the planet symbolically cannibalizing his flesh, drinking his blood, adorning jewelry & buildings with symbols of his assassination, elevating him to unreachable God status, and if he told them of his identity he would be off to the psyche ward and drugged." ~phillip walker

"if schizophrenia is categorized as highly delusional it would be accurate to term modern psychiatrists as schizophrenics. in addition to this what they peddle is hazardous. this makes them dangerous schizophrenics." ~phillip walker

"eating meat is vampirism, and a step or two up from cannibalism." ~phillip walker

"the universe is infinite and the matter that comprises your body has been literally everything that can exist (the spirit of the universe)" ~phillip walker

"somewhere out in the universe an extraterrestrial is denying you exist." ~phillip walker

"when I was young and much more untamed I wanted to go to Africa to hunt poachers." ~phillip walker

my bio can be read at

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Phillip Walker Bio:
independent music producer, independent author, graphic designer, filmmaker / videographer, webmaster, activist, futurist, entrepreneur, disabled targeted individual, and researcher. i am a heretic and a street historian who identifies with altruism, the artistic and the esoteric. i am light polarized, dark balanced, have unbreakable moral fidelity, illuminati faithful, and partner centric. my favorite aspects of the universe are sorrow, eternal union, and destroy. i am a duality centric person dedicated to an eternal wife, my allegiances, collectivism, and dark idealism. in life i have been morally irreproachable under conditions of extreme torture and hardship.

some of the subjects that interest me are music, language - words, social progress, decentralization, transparency, respect for privacy, honoring scientific spirits, self development & self improvement, black project science, the electromagnetic spectrum, technology (bci & ai), war & tactical analysis, history & static truth, universal aspects & archetypes, and the natural laws of the universe.

i dedicated my life when i was about 15-17 to altruistic causes. i value individuality, celibacy with a partner, writing and quality words, ideological progress, producing & designing: ideology - music - writing, the internet, dark and light purity, opposing subevil and it's systems of perversion, rebuking sublight, heresy, atheism, individuals with dark integrity & dark standards, patriotism, the oppressed, the persecuted, the enslaved, the unrepresented, the unknown, the sacrificed, and death.

words i live by are truth, spirituality, and progress. aspects that represent my current desires: vindication - liberation - reconciliation. aspects that represent my life: a prison of inaccuracy - static truth - subevil hell.